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  • You: 5.0 eth(7.0%)Current jackpot holder
  • Wallet 1: 3.0 eth(5.0%)
  • Wallet 2: 3.0 eth(5.0%)
  • Wallet 3: 3.0 eth(5.0%)
  • Wallet 4: 3.0 eth(5.0%)
  • Wallet 5: 3.0 eth(5.0%)
Bid pool
Jackpot Enabled!Jackpot threshold not hitRequired: (1.05 * Reward pool = eth) 10.5 eth
Reward pool
10.5 eth
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How can I monitor how much I have paid and what my contribution rate is?

You can view all bids registered by the contract through our transaction checker. Your contribution rate can be derived by dividing the sum of all your total bids by total bid pool size (accumulated bids).

When will I get paid?

The contract is programmed to distribute rewards at the end of every day, as long as there are bids made for that round. However, payment may not be instantaneous and may take up to 10-15 minutes for it to be transferred, and here's why:

EtherSphere is a passive contract; that means it runs whenever someone executes a function or makes payment. Since it can only tabulate and distribute a round's reward when it runs, reward will not necessarily be distributed when daily countdown reaches 0:00. Only after the first transaction for the new round has been made (this can happen even when any player sends 0.01 eth), then you will see the previous round's reward being transferred to all players who participated in the previous round.

I don't see my reward after the round ends, where can I check?

Rewards can be viewed under your wallet's internal transactions in EtherScan. You can verify that rewards have been distributed when "Previous round distribution" on the site updates after daily reset.

What is the reward ratio and is it guaranteed?

Reward ratio provides the payout rate at the time a bid is made, and this rate is accurate at the time when it is calculated. However, it can change as more participants enter as there will be more people claiming a share of the reward pool.

How can I contact you, can I change my bids after I sent it?

Unfortunately, you have to be sure before participating as all bids entered into the contract cannot be reversed, even we cannot touch the funds inside. Please do make sure you send the correct amount.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so via the chat or through our email at

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