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Bid pool daily reset

Thanks everyone who participated on Saturday. We will inject 3 eth today, on top of the 2 eth we added yesterday, to bring up the reward pool to about 18.5 eth.

Additionally, we hope to continue interacting with you through the chat or via email, to help answer any queries. Stay tuned!


Thanks for everyone who participated last round. As no one bid for the jackpot, according to the contract rules, all participants are rewarded their full share.

Depending on reward pool size, we may inject more ethers to encourage participation for this subsequent round.


Thanks for everyone who participated in the last round. Unfortunately, someone has successfully claimed a jackpot of 0.00 eth.

Over the long run, jackpot plays are necessary to help fund the pool. For those who stick through and focus on the long term, it will definitely be a net positive return.

*Every one still receives a reward regardless of the outcome, but the amount can vary

0h 0m 0s till Ether release in contract

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Accumulated bids (Etherscan): ethers (jackpot active)(Current bids automatically entered into reward pool next round)
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Reward pool: ethers

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Contract ETH Balance: 0.00 Ether
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How does it work?

What is EtherSphere

EtherSphere (or the sphere) is a smart contract that is created to host a ether reward pool/competition system. All funds are publicly visible in its contract and will be distributed at around 1pm PST daily.

In EtherSphere, a participant can earn from the positive equity leftover from the pool, win a large jackpot, or even lose a portion of his bid when jackpot is activated. More information is described in the following sections.

  • Determining prize distribution+-

    A simulation is made available for desktop users to better understand how EtherSphere works: Simulation

    The amount the pool distributes to each participant is based on the participant's contribution percentage.

    After bidding, the percentage of bids he made in the bid pool will be used proportionately to determine his or her share of the reward pool ( eth).

    All funds sent by a participant will be aggregated for the day. If multiple bids are sent from the same wallet, they will be combined with all previous bids sent. So if a participant make bids that when combined contributes 5% of the bid pool, then he will be distributed 5% of current reward at the end of a round. If he contributes 7%, then the contract will distribute 7% of the reward pool to the participant.

    This is a bid/reward mechanism, and it is fundamentally what EtherSphere uses to create large reward pools from high risk jackpot plays (read more under "35% Ether prize jackpot").

    The reward pool amount can be verified on EtherScan blockchain explorer, EtherSphere's contract interface.

    We have further provided an illustration to explain how the mechanism works:

  • Regarding bids+-

    If there are many participants and bid pool is large, Ether jackpot might be triggered (bid pool size > reward pool * 1.05) and the payout conditions will change. If a participant chooses to outbid the pool and compete for the jackpot, then he will cause every participant to receive a lower payout. You can read more about this in the "35% Ether prize jackpot" section.

    A fee is taken from the bid pool before it is moved to the reward pool. The fee is imposed on the final bid pool rather than the reward pool, and participants' share of the reward pool will not be taxed.

    Minimum bids for sphere participation also increases as the number of participants increase. This ensures the game scales without incurring substantial additional gas.

  • 35% Ether prize jackpot+-

    In a scenario where the bidding pool value exceeds 1.05x the reward amount, in this case accumulated bids goes above eth, a jackpot that is 35% the current reward will set as a prize. Participants will then have to bid for the jackpot and the highest bidder when the round ends will win the jackpot.

    On top of the 35% reward, he will also be entitled to his corresponding proportion of the remaining 65% of the reward pool, which will be split among all participants. This means the jackpot winner can earn a large amount of ethers.

    However, participants who attempt to compete for the jackpot is engaging in a risky move in return for a large reward.

    The jackpot prize cannot be split and is given to only one winner per round. If there is more than one bidder with the same highest bid, the bidder who arrived at the highest bid value first will be the winner.

  • Jackpot attempt calculator+-

    If you intend to bid for jackpot, you may use this calculator to ensure you understand the risks and rewards. Jackpot winners are entitled to both of the following:

    1) fixed 35% of reward pool (eth)
    2) variable reward on the remaining 65% of reward pool

    Bid to place:
    Est. final bid pool:
    Reward (if jackpot activated and your bid > eth):
    Reward (if no jackpot):

    Note that these conditions must be met for you to win the jackpot:
    1) You must have the highest aggregated bid
    2)Total bid pool size must be greater than eth inclusive of the eth bid that you put in

  • Pre-jackpot limit+-

    Pre-jackpot cap is a hard limit on a single wallet's total bids prior to jackpot plays. The aim is to prevent one bidder from affecting the pool too significantly.

What should I do?

Participate with 0.01/0.1 ether and get 0.01/0.1 ether as reward in at current ratio. Note that current reward ratio provided is an estimated value. Final reward ratio depends on size of total bid pool at the end.

How do I participate?

Contract address

Your wallet will automatically be registered by the bid/reward mechanism. Read 'Determining prize distribution' to understand more. Note: set at least 190k gas, and do not send from an exchange, mining or coinbase wallet. You should have full control over the wallet you send from.

Results will be final once the timer is up. Any subsequent bids sent by a wallet after the timer will be registered for the next day's bid pool. Additionally, please understand that we cannot be responsible by any delays by the blockchain to register your bids, and all bidding rules are strictly enforced by the contract.

You are encouraged to use the same wallet, since daily ether jackpot is determined based on each wallet's aggregated contribution.

Suggested wallets: Use MyEtherWallet, Jaxx, Mist or Parity wallets.

If you already have a wallet, you can transfer ethers through MyEtherWallet. Even if you don't have one, you can create it on the same site.

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